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Virtual Yard LIVE

You can print all required RTA forms, maintain a Police Book, manage your costing on vehicles and much more. The system complies with the Motor Dealers Act 1974 and subsequent revisions. Virtual Yard also advertises your stock automatically on your own website available free. You can also send your ads to,,,, and more automatically throughout the day as your stock changes. Virtual Yard LIVE is realtime stock management at its best.

You can be anywhere in the world and run your business as if you were there. Simply install Virtual Yard LIVE on any Windows machine with internet access and you can manage your business on the go wherever you are.

Multiple users can operate the system at the same time. You can manage permissions on sensetive information and ensure your data stays protected. Your data is backed up daily, all you have to worry about is buying and selling your cars.

A unique security system built into the software means your data is protected not only by username and password entry but also at a machine level. Each machine that requests access to your data for the first time is approved by hand. We will call you to confirm the machine is allowed access to your data and approve access at your discretion.

State of the art tabbing gives you endless possibilities. You can be booking a car in and at the same time be selling, finding, advertising, or even REVS checking a vehicle and much much more.

Quick and simple navigation. Information is available at a glance making Virtual Yard LIVE truly a pleasure to work with. You can browse over your stock quickly, finding the car you need without having to move forward or back through an invisible list like most other systems.
Extensive information can be stored on the vehicle. Up to 20 images per car and unlimited attachments means you can save scanned information such as contracts and invoices to the vehicle and recall them any time you want from anywhere in the world. Your business travels with you when you use Virtual Yard, keeping you on top of the game!
We invite you to download the software free of charge and give it a try for 30 days. If you're happy with the system you can choose to keep it. There's no contracts and you can choose to cancel at anytime. Click here to go to the download page and pick the version that best suits your needs.
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