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  • Q: Can I get photos taken of my stock any time I want?
  • A: No. The vehicle photo service is only available on weekends. You can however have vehicle photos taken any time provided it is on a weekend.

  • Q: Does it cost more to have a dedicated system?
  • A: No. We do not charge you for hosting your own dedicated Virtual Yard server. This is provided you buy all equipement needed.

Virtual Yard LIVE comes standard as hosted. This means all your data is held and managed on the Virtual Yard server.
Larger business can provide their own hosting on a dedicated server. This will improve performance with companies who have a large stock turn over or a lot of simultaneous users.

Vehicle Photographer
We have our own vehicle photography service that can save you the hassle of taking photo's of your stock.

For only $69 per visit all your stock will have 9 photos within Virtual Yard LIVE for you to use to advertise on the internet. Photos are taken on weekends only and are uploaded to your system on the day they are taken.

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