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We are proud to show off our latest creation. Edward Lee's Japanese Auto Centre is the latest in a new breed of dealership websites. Take a look and see for yourself just how good we make them.

Phil Lee son of founder Edward Lee uses Virtual Yard LIVE to enhance his businesses opportunities. Deeply ingrained in his existing stock management system handed down to him by his father Phil has asked Virtual Yard to help relieve some of the burdens that come with old out dated software.

As a solution Phil now uses Virtual Yard LIVE and Virtual Yard Online to automatically manage his advertising, website and leads. His new website is powered by Virtual Yard LIVE which enables Phil to assign YouTube videos to every vehicle and maintain every single page on his website quickly and easily.

Phil and his salesman use Virtual Yard Online to manage their leads and contact with customers.

Virtual Yard LIVE and Virtual Yard Online together put dealers in control of the lot! Stock management and automated advertising with Virtual Yard LIVE and lead management with Virtual Yard Online, how simple can it be.

All our websites are completely automated with Virtual Yard LIVE (Stock Management System). You can easily add YouTube videos to each and every car and you can mark special stock as "HOT!" so it gets noticed .

We are always improving our system and it's our dealers that are reaping the rewards. Phil Lee from Edward Lee's Japanese Auto Centre has had 120% input in to the development of his site and can now control each and every page on his website with his Virtual Yard system.

We make it all easy to use and simple to do, you just have to buy the stock!


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